The Liverpool First Primary Care Network is a member organisation made up of 10 GP practices in Liverpool.

We are doctors that put patients first and improve health services in Liverpool. Our vision is to provide high quality health care for the people in Liverpool through joint working with health and social care organisations to ensure that patient’s physical, mental and social well-being needs are met.

Liverpool First Primary Care Network comprises:
Abingdon Medical Centre, 361 – 365 Queens Drive, Anfield, L4 8SJ, Liverpool.
Benim Medical Centre, 2 Penvalley Crescent, Fairfield, L6 3BY, Liverpool.
Bigham Road Medical Centre, Bigham Road, Kensington, L6 6DW, Liverpool.
Dr Jude’s Practice, 137 Earle Road, Wavertree, L7 6HD, Liverpool.
GP Practice Riverside, Park Street, Dingle, L8 6QP, Liverpool.
Rocky Lane Medical Centre, 80 Rocky Lane, Childwall, L16 1JD, Liverpool.
Sandringham Medical Centre, 1A Aigburth Road, Aigburth, L17 4JP, Liverpool.
Stopgate Lane Medical Centre, 6 Stopgate Lane, Walton, L9 6AP, Liverpool.
Walton Village Medical Centre, 172 Walton Village, Walton Village, L4 6TW, Liverpool.
Yew Tree Medical Centre, Berryford Road, L14 4ED, West Derby, Liverpool.